Music & Worship 
at Pooler First Baptist Church

A Symphony of Faith

Music has the power to uplift, inspire, and bring us closer to the Divine. At Pooler First Baptist Church, our Music and worship programs aim to do just that. Through melodies and harmonies, we connect with God, celebrate our faith, and share the joy of the gospel.

Our Choir: Voices Raised in Praise

Under the dedicated guidance of our music director, our choir members come together to produce harmonies that touch the soul. Whether it's classic hymns or contemporary Christian songs, their voices resonate with the beauty of faith.

Harmonious Choir

Soul-stirring renditions of classic hymns and contemporary Christian songs.

Inclusive Opportunities

Open for seasoned vocalists and budding talents to join and make a joyful noise.

Deep Spiritual Worship

A blend of passionate sermons and music that connects the heart to the Divine.

Special Music Events

Celebrate major occasions with us, from Christmas carols to Easter melodies and gospel concerts.

Community Engagement

Inviting the broader community to partake in our musical celebrations and services.

Dedicated Music Director

Guiding our musical journey and ensuring every note elevates our worship experience.