At first glance, our church's beautiful structure and its prime location might catch your attention. But what truly defines us is the warm-hearted congregation inside and the love we share. Here, every member is a family.

A Welcoming Community

Once you walk into our space, you'll immediately feel the vibe. And no, it's not just that Georgia Heat playing tricks. It's the friendly grins, warm embraces, and the real-deal care coming from our folks. At Pooler First Baptist, you're not just a face in the crowd. You're family. Whether you're attending a service for the first time or have been with us for decades, the kindness of our congregation shines through.

More Than Just Sunday Service

Beyond our regular worship, we pride ourselves on the range of programs we offer. From the bubbly energy of our Youth programs to the wisdom-filled gatherings for our Senior citizens, there's a place for everyone:

Youth Programs

Guided by faith and friendship, our young members forge bonds that last a lifetime. Through fun-filled activities, retreats, and discussions, we nurture their spiritual growth and ensure they're equipped to face the world with faith as their armor.

Adult Gatherings

Dive deeper into the Word, form lasting friendships, or simply find a haven of peace amidst the hustle and bustle. Whether it's a Bible study group or a community outreach project, our adult programs cater to diverse needs and interests.

Golden Years Blessings

For our cherished senior citizens, we offer dedicated programs that combine spiritual nourishment with a sense of community. Here, wisdom meets grace, and every gathering becomes a celebration of life's blessings.

While our roots are firmly planted in Pooler, our influence extends far beyond. As one of the leading Baptist churches in Chatham County, we also serve the surrounding counties of Effingham, Bryan, and Bulloch. Our commitment to spreading the Word and creating an inclusive community of believers has made us a cornerstone of faith in the region.

Looking for some spiritual inspiration, good company, or maybe a chance to lend a hand? At Pooler First Baptist Church, we’ve got room for all that and more. We’re all about embracing our faith, valuing our connections, and pitching in to make our community - heck, even the world - a bit brighter. 


Morning Worship | 9:30 am

Bible Study | 11:00 am


Supper in Social Hall | 5:30 pm

Youth and Children's Ministry in Student Building | 6:15 pm

Adult Bible Study in Social Hall | 6:30 pm

Adult Choir Rehearsal | 7:45 pm